Don’t take our word for the amazing transformations that happen after minimizing your “stuff” and clearing space.

See what our clients have to say about their experience.

“Living Lighter LLC quite literally changed my life.”

I always joke I should have been in the depression era because I’ve been known to save everything from the extra parts from an IKEA project to beautiful wrapping paper. Some call it resourceful…others might consider it a gateway to hoarding. Either way – I was totally anxious having all my “emergency stuff” hanging around the house.

Enter Living Lighter. Emily and Sis came in with a burst of energy and completely put me at ease. I had no clue what holistic organizing would entail but I soon found myself going through a Heartblock Walkthrough with them. That process unearthed some emotional baggage that I didn’t even know existed before we started talking. And man, was it healing.

With their insightful questions, I was able to express what was holding me back from making decisions about my space. And with their careful guidance and extremely thoughtful suggestions, we were able to come up with a plan that would help not only my business but my personal life as well.

Emily and Sis not only cleared, organized and repurposed THREE rooms in my house, but they also breathed new life into our family and our home.

When we first started, they asked me to imagine what my life would be like once we were done with the process. I answered that I wanted to see thoughtful growth in my business, a music room to be more present with my family and to live in the moment and say YES to opportunities that would normally frighten me.

I’m proud to say that since working with Living Lighter, all of these things have come true. I’ve welcomed five new clients, we received a phone call about an available piano that we wanted for the new “music room” and we are the proud new owners of three chickens and a puppy. My family is happier, my heart is full and my life is certainly lighter.

It seems almost crazy to say that all of these changes are a direct result of organizing and minimizing my home. But it’s true. And I’m eternally grateful.


- Jenny

Owner, Simply Be Creative LLC